Is your Naples car window off the track? Is it stuck in the up or down position? Does it move slowly or make a terrible noise?

Surpass Power Window & Lock Repair of Naples, Florida are experts at repairing Naples power windows that are stuck in the down or up position. There is never a good time for your power car window to stop working. Allowing the Naples heat, humidity, and rain to enter your vehicle can cause significant issues with your vehicle. Cars are one of our biggest financial investments and keeping it serviced and maintained is the smart thing to do.

The team at Surpass Power Window has over fifteen years of vehicle power window and lock servicing. A repair that many Naples mechanics struggle with has become their unique specialty. Their fast, reliable, mobile service is priced at about half the cost of the dealership.  Our ability to “come to you” anywhere in Naples allows us the privilege to serve you with minimal inconvenience to your schedule. Are you at work and can’t take your car for service? No problem. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. It is that simple.

Naples residents do not have to struggle to lower power car windows at a bank or fast food drive-thru. And there is no need to get wet with rain on the way to work because your window is stuck down. If you’ve been living with a malfunctioning power window and putting off the repair because of time or expense, STOP WORRYING and let Surpass Power Window fix it for you!

Our prices are typically about 50% less than what a dealer would charge AND we come to you at home or at work.

Contact the friendly professional staff at Surpass Power Window Repair and allow us to surpass your vehicle repair service expectations.


No one is comfortable in Naples or anywhere, leaving their vehicle parked anywhere without being able to securely lock the doors. Protecting your valuables inside your car and ultimately, protecting your vehicle from theft is a priority. Naples Surpass Power Window repairs power door locks, providing a less expensive vehicle repair option than a local Naples service garage or dealer.

Power door locks can fail on any make and model car, van, truck, or SUV. Designed to lock and unlock over 10,000 times over the life of your vehicle, occasionally components of the lock fail, leaving your car vulnerable. We stock several of the common parts needed to repair your power door locks and our commitment to reliable Naples vehicle service is unprecedented.


Surpass Power Window provides convenient, on-location power lock and window repair service for Naples residents. Our team of mobile repair technicians will save you time and money. We are happy to come to you at work or at home in Naples to repair your power locks, so your busy day is not interrupted by the hassle of vehicle repairs.

At Surpass Power Window & Lock Repair, your expectations will be surpassed. Our fair pricing, convenient mobile service, and exceptional quality have allowed us to built relationships with faithful customers.

Our extensive knowledge of power windows and locks, allows us to quickly diagnose most problems over the phone. We provide free phone estimates and most parts are guaranteed by a lifetime warranty.